Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 145?

UPDATE 2/6/23: Some of these squares are really ugly. I have some not ugly things available on Etsy.

I went ahead and finished the row then took this beast outside for a photoshoot. I really should sweep the leaves off of the porch. Have I mentioned that I hate magnolia trees? They're the shittiest trees and I was struck in the shoulder my a rogue magnolia seed pod piece of crap yesterday. My grandmother always told me not to stand under magnolias as a child because the cones would hit me in the head and I would die. I think she may have been correct.

I think something weird happened with my math and/or basic ability to count at some point recently. I seem to have 144 squares? And today is Day 145? Or is it 157? Day 1,743? I'm not sure how many days are in what months and, well, something is off. I usually do my maths each week based on the number I used in the previous week's post. WHATEVER. I can't be bothered with figuring out what happened because I have massively less boring shit to crochet like my Sailor Saturn suit (expect an update on that shortly because I finished the bodice...sans sleeves). Granny squares are for grannies and squares, dude. Errr....uh....moving on.

WHAT MATTERS RIGHT NOW IS THAT I COMPLETED ANOTHER ROW OF HIDEOUS GRANNIES. I may or may not have fallen behind or I may be ahead. Maybe I'll just start doing a row a week and screw this challenge omg.

Happy Memorial Day! Mood Blanket Memorial Day Monday!


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