Double Cosplay WIP Update - BL: TPS Nisha and Crochet Sailor Saturn

UPDATE 2/6/23: Corrected some weird formatting.

Bringin' The Law!
Nisha's glove doesn't have any pink on it, so I went ahead and painted it. It only took about an hour. You know I love progress pictures so here, look at this:

It looks much better on my hand and finished. Ignore my stupid face. It looks like I'm surprised I have a hand. I'm so bad at selfies.
I ordered the other paint colors I need (as well as fabric glue) and I'm going to cut out the boot armor pieces, belt buckle, etc. from cardboard shortly, so that I can attach all of them and get started painting as soon as the stuff comes. I don't think the painting will take as long as Zer0. At least I hope it doesn't...

Mainly because I have hundreds of hours of work left on the Saturn suit.

Sailor Saturn's Bodice
The bodice (sans sleeves) took about 80 hours, give or take. I'm still not quite done with it. I need to go back and add needlepoint detail stuff and the sleeves, obvs. I want to touch up the shading and I have some ends to weave in still. I worked on it on and off over the last few weeks and it was rather daunting and tedious. I totally understand why the Sailor Senshi have to do that make-up transformation crap - this thing is hard to get into and out of. lulz

Definitely harder to get out of and I learned the hard way that I should take out my belly button ring before putting it on because it hooked right into a stitch and...well, you can figure out what happened.

There's some bunching in the back, which I don't think I can take in without making the top even harder to get onto my body. Overall, I'm satisfied though. I'm glad I switched to hdc. I feel like it's more breathable. It's still extremely heavy.

For the piping along the bottom edge, I made a strip in sc with points at either end. I sl it closed and stuffed it with polyfil then I sewed it on with a yarn needle. I attached the butt-bow to the back of the bodice. Selfie-time. I tried to keep my derp face out of these so not to distract from my yarnwork.

What Now?!
Someone remind me why I decided to do the shading in colorwork? Other than the fact that it looks really cool. It was such a pain on the bodice. It got a bit wonky in some spots, but I think I can fix it when I go back in and do the needlepoint detailing stuff that needs to happen. I don't even know if normal humans can tell. I can tell. You know what I'm really glad I didn't do? Theresa from Fable in crochet. Holy shit.

I'm nearly out of white yarn. The bodice took more than I thought it would. I'm pretty sure I have enough for the sleeves, but not enough for the gloves. I'm horrible at judging yarn amounts. I don't think I need that much more for the Silence Glaive, but again...judging yarn quantities is not one of my skills. I don't know what I'm going to work on next. Whenever I make tentative plans I don't stick to them. In theory, I want to get the sleeves done, but I may go insane and start the boots. The boot process might turn out to be neat...if it works. I need that previously mentioned fabric glue.

Everything is so exciting right now. But I need to bake some cookies.


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