The [Almost] Conclusion of Sweater Saturn

 UPDATE 2/6/23: These very nice boots utterly destroyed my feet. FYI.

I wrapped up the final pieces of my crochet Sailor Saturn cosplay last least the pieces that will be on my body. The Silence Glaive is still in a sort of limbo. It's been raining for days upon days and in order to do my repairs on the mighty beast I need to lug it outside on a not-rainy day with low humidity. The Weather Gods have not been on my side.

I'm going to!) epoxy resin UNDER the crochet in the weak spots that need to be reinforced. This is insane, I know. If it doesn't work I'm just going to coat the whole thing in a layer of epoxy and some silicone. I was trying to prevent it from becoming insanely heavy, but my tragic design flaws during Stage 1 may have ruined this dream. If I end up coating it, I'll be able to use it to for real bludgeon people at DragonCon, so watch out!

For any future crochet-covered props, I'm going to be sure to create frames that are extremely sturdy. I can't say this enough times - holy shit, yarn is heavy.

Deez Bewts!
Saturn's boots are heels and they technically stop just below her knees. As you may know, I repurposed some over-the-knee boots that I used for an old Miranda Lawson cosplay years ago. I created crochet sections based on the sections that made up the actual boots then I seamed them all together and made boot covers.

They aren't heels. I can't wear heels. I have a busted ankle, but I won't bore you with the sob story. Maybe I'll post some pictures of my epic scars one day though.

I made non-functional laces out of basic chain stitch. I sort of wish I'd done them in sc because they look really thin to me. But, eh.

Then I used some Jones Tones Stretchable Fabric Glue just above the sole of the boots to secure the covers and I crocheted small flaps at the top of the boots that fold over. I also applied some glue there on the inside.

This glue is amazing. I had to keep pressure on some of the tricky spots for a while, but it was totally worth it because I have yet to find a glue that held so perfectly to yarn without making it a hard, crappy mess. In order to get the tops of the boots glued in place properly I had to wear them all day, but this was a great opportunity to break in the boots since I only wore them for a couple hours previously, and completely failed to break them in. They brutalized my feet. It was real gross.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the boots. The boots and the pointy elbow armor bits are my two favorite parts, I think.

Tiara Magic!
Again, I took some artistic liberties here. The gem in Saturn's tiara is clear/white. That's really hard to do with yarn, man. I actually made a light gray gem, but it was just...boring. I decided to make a purple one. I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I mean...I put a heart on the boob bow and I have fingerless gloves, so I think it's ok if my gem is purple.

This tiara was really fun to make and I actually wrote down what I did so I could share the pattern. If you haven't been paying attention, the bulk of this costume was freeform crochet. I winged it and sized it to fit me, so there is no pattern. Keep your eyes peeled for the tiara pattern this week as well as some ready-to-ship tiaras. I'm also thinking about doing a tiara giveaway because I'm so excited for DragonCon.

The tiara ties in the back with just some strands of yarn. I figured this would be really easy to hide in my hair and it makes the tiara super adjustable. Blah blah blah.

When the Silence Glaive is done and my purple contacts come in the mail, I'll put on the entire ensemble for some fun, around-the-house pictures. I'm also going to be dyeing my hair dark purple. I'm going all in, guys. I'm not doing my hair until the week before the con though because I don't want ugly fading.

Read some of my other Sweater Saturn posts here. After DC, I'll do a huge, detailed write-up for my website for all of you curious folk.

And, for good measure (and some lulz), this entire costume was made using CARON SIMPLY SOFT. If Caron would like to give me free yarn for my next huge crochet cosplay then I would happily plug Caron in every single post about the project. *winkwink* Yes, I have something in mind. It is 800x more ridiculous than this, but I'm keeping it on the hush for now.


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