Free Colorwork Charts for the Basic Crocheted Dice Bag

UPDATE 2/6/23: I've also got some similar stuff going on with Tarot card bags. You can get the pattern here, and I feel like i should also note that I usually work BLO when doing tapestry crochet. These patterns will work for other stuff too!

You all know that I love colorwork. And recently, I did a round-up of free dice bag patterns because I needed to make some for myself. The Basic Crocheted Dice Bag from Jedi Meg Knits On is ripe with tapestry crochet potential. The bag I made was in Gryffindor colors and just stripes, but I whipped up a few easy colorwork charts that will also work with the wonderfully simple pattern.

All of these are abstract two-color wrap-around patterns. Just begin your chosen chart in the first round, starting at the bottom and working up. Each pattern will be 25 rounds instead of the 24 rounds specified in the original pattern. Begin round 25 of the original pattern as round 26.

The chart below is a bit more intricate.

This next chart should be continuous (and seamless!) all the way around the bag as long as you work in continuous rounds.

I'd love to see pictures of any bags made using these charts! Be sure to give my facebook page a like and check out my Etsy shop too, while you're around on the Interwebs. XOXOX


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