A Bunch of FREE Amigurumi Patterns I Found On The Internet

UPDATE 2/6/23: If you have a free pattern or Etsy shop or whatever that you'd like me to feature in a post like this, please contact me on Facebook! I'm hoping to do posts like this at least once a month and I'm glad to help out!

I've been on quite the amigurumi kick lately. Not making them, but looking at other peoples' awesome ones. I ran into some very cool and totally free patterns while patrolling the Interweb tubes this week, and I've gathered a few of my favorites here for you. I initially encountered most of these while cruising tumblr, my least favorite social media that is sometimes oddly useful. lulz

Eventually I'm going to get around to making that actual-size crocheted Claptrap...until then, enjoy this glorious round-up of things that I did not make, but that other awesome people made and then shared fo' free!

GTFO look at this little dude. He's almost as super-sexy as the hot Hemsworth. This cool crafting master also has a free Loki pattern to complete your Marvel amigurumi-making life. Thor tho. Lookit him.

Check out Lucy's other patterns! There are a bunch of free and some paid patterns on LoveCrochet (which is a great site to blunder around on when you need to make someone a free gift because you forgot their birthday and are the worst friend ever). I love this Totoro. 

I couldn't decide which one of these was my favorite. Again, this fabulous Internet-human has a number of amazing free patterns available. Who doesn't love Oogie Boogie? And Toothless? Ok, ok, I may actually have to make myself a Toothless because I am a huge sucker for the entire Dragon franchise of cuteness and feels.

I love bok choy. I also love crochet. I am eternally grateful that there exists a bok choy amigurumi. I also recommend cooking boy choy, but not a crocheted bok choy. 

All images used are the property of their respective owners, not me! Follow me on Facebook, tumblr and buy things from my shop. Happy crafting! XOXOX


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