George Costanza's Snowflake Hat - FREE Seinfeld Knitting Pattern

UPDATE 2/7/23: I've also made versions of this hat that are just solid black hat with duplicate stitch snowflakes. I've done a machine-knit hat as well so it has a functional folding brim and then duplicate stitch!

I'd been waiting for a reason to make a hat with a double-thick brim even since I came across this tutorial video on Youtube. I thought to myself, "Self, that would be a great way to make a hat with an unribbed fold-up brim without double-knitting it."

Then I was watching Seinfeld. Lo and behold, in the glorious fashion of a Festivus miracle, Season 2 Episode 12 graced my television. George wears a hat with an unribbed, fold-up brim - the perfect opportunity to try out this double-thick brim business. It is a beautiful and simple hat with snowflakes and a pom pom. For complete accuracy, I believe the hat needs to be made with DK weight yarn and should have 6 snowflakes on it. I chose to use worsted weight and have 5 slightly larger snowflakes.

My finished hat measured about 10.5" across and 8" tall, excluding the pom pom.

Here. I give this hat pattern to you, Internet knitters.

  • CO: cast on
  • YO: yarn over
  • K: knit
  • P: purl
  • K2TOG: knit two together, decrease
  • st, sts: stitch, stitches
  • rnd, rnds: round, rounds
  • size 6 circular needles (7s should also be fine), whatever length you're comfortable with, you'll be knitting in the round
  • set of 4 size 6 DPNs
  • worsted weight yarn in black and light green (or whatever colors you want, really) - I used Radhart Supa Sava (AKA Redheart Super Saver) and some mystery green yarn that I've had for years
  • 3" pom pom maker
  • yarn needle or smallish crochet hook for weavin' in ends
  • stitch marker (optional - I never use them because I live on the edge)
What You Need To Do
  • The Brim: CO 90 sts, using your favorite CO method and PURL to join your ends
  • Rnds 1-14: P around and around, you may want to use a stitch marker to mark the start of your round so you don't go insane - this is going to be your brim. You'll be folding it up, over the right side of your hat, so you want your knits to be on the inside. If you want a thicker brim then do more rounds.
  • Rnds 15-30: K around and round. You want to have the same number of K rounds as you had P rounds OR you can just keep purling if you want a smoother bottom edge where the fold it. Just make sure you use the same number of sts to maintain your desired brim size. 
    • I recommend the latter, which I didn't do for my prototype hat (pictured). I ended up with that little ridge of purls at the bottom, which I'm not super pleased with.
  • Rnd 31 (where this gets exciting): fold up the bottom portion of the hat and join it to your live loops using the double-thick joining awesomeness shown here. In the tutorial video, the brim is folded under, but we don't want that for this hat. Fold it up and over and then insert your needle through the first CO loop and the first loop of the current round. YO and pull through BOTH sts to make a K stitch. If you didn't switch to K in the previous step you will be switching to K at this time.
    • This is really awkward at first. It helped me to scream, "SERENITY NOW!" before each stitch.
  • Rnd 32: begin the chart, starting in the bottom right corner
  • The Crown: K at least 1 rnd before beginning your dec; you can add more rnds of K before decreasing to create a slouchier hat. George wears his hat sort of dorky and not over his ears, so I didn't make a very long hat. This is up to you! FREEDOM! 
  • Dec as follows:
    • k16, k2tog, repeat around
    • k15, k2tog, repeat around
    • do this until there are 10 sts left, switch to DPNs when it gets uncomfortable on your circulars
  • Close your hole, attach your pom pom, wear your George Costanza pom pom hat.
Feel free to make different colored variations of this hat and experiment with different numbers of stitches here and there. I always enjoy seeing things other people make. Like my Facebook page, follow my tumblr, friend me on Ravelry. Show me your George Costanza hats! Feel free to also share your variations and I'll add links to them on this page because I'm so damn friendly.


Alternately, you can buy the hat I made. I can also make you a hat for a small monetary fee in the colors of your choosing if you'd like.

P.S. I might flesh out an actual DK version of this hat for sake of accuracy. I just don't have any DK weight yarn on hand and no plans to get any. If someone else would like to do this, you can use the same chart and I will then share your pattern - giving you all the cred for the counting shit and stuff.

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