The Fruits Of My Labor - Dice Bags

UPDATE 2/6/23: Verified links and made sure they open in a new tab!

Last week I Free Pattern Friday-ed your faces with a collection of free dice bag patterns I found on the Interwebs. I used some of those patterns to make a bunch of dice bags and here they are!

Dragon Egg Dice Bags
This pattern can be found here. I used my trusty F hook and Caron Simply Soft 'Stormy Weather' for the first bag and then 'Grape Purple' for the second one. The second bag is a smaller version - I began the crocodile stitchin' after 3 rounds for the bottom.

Also, based on how much I use my F hook, you'd think I don't have any other hook sizes. I swear I do though. You're going to have to trust me on this though. One day I'll share a picture of my beautiful hook collection.

Basic Dice Bag and Mini Dice Bags
These three bags were made to be sort of a set. They're for Dice Masters. If you've played Dice Masters you understand the need to have a huge bag to hold your collection and then you also need small bags to play. The starter set comes with ridiculous paper bags, which is obscene.

Get the basic dice bag pattern here and the mini dice bag pattern here.

Again, F hook. I also only made a single draw string for each of the mini bags. For all of my draw strings I started with a foundation chain then joined it to form a loop. Depending on the bag I either did a round of sl or a round of sc...or just used the chain. This also creates a little loop to hold your bag on your wrist or carry it or whatever. I also hate tying things because I'm the laziest person in the world.

I'm trying real hard to be more active on Ravelry too. If you would like to friend me or whatever, feel free to do so.


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