Cool Crafters From The Internet

UPDATE 2/6/23: If you have an Etsy shop or whatever and you'd like me to feature you in an article like this, please reach out to me on Facebook! I'm hoping to make posts like this at least a once a month thing. I will in theory have some sort of theme each month, but who knows. I'm glad to help out. I can't guarantee it will help, but I will make the effort to get you some views and likes at least!

People make some cool things and once in a while I come across especially cool things and some totally cool people on the Great Interwebs.

It's been a while since I rounded up a list of rad crafters and this week seems like a good week to do it. Since I've finished up my mood blanket there will be no more Mood Blanket Mondays and I need to fill that void with something. This will have to do for this week.

If you think I make cool stuff then you should definitely check out these people because I'm pretty sure they're all cooler than me. Give them a follow on your preferred social media and scope out their Etsy shops the next time you need to buy someone (or yourself) a gift!

Handmade Unique Goodies > Mass Produced Lame-o Stuff

Lithe-Fider Creatures
Nyssa Benthin makes some of the most adorable and unique plush critters. My favorite are probably the plump owls. She posts some cool WIP pictures as well as tutorials on tumblr if that's up your alley. I always enjoy watching any creation as it progresses and everything about these critters is awesome.


Snow Bunny Studios

The human behind Snow Bunny Studios is pretty rad. She makes a lot of cosplay accessories and BUTTONS. This is shifting gears a bit away from fiberart, but I have an inexplicable obsession with buttons and pins, as you probably know if you keep up with this blog. She also has some delicious looking tiny food sculptures in her shop right now.


Adorable. Felted. Sculptures. Smallness amplifies cuteness level and these sculptures are no exception. Caroline Brown is a UK crafter, but she ships worldwide for a reasonable price and updates Facebook pretty regularly if you'd like to admire her art.



My dislike of sewing has given me a great appreciation for hand embroidery. There are a lot of really talented embroider-er-er-errrssss that I've been running into, but Ms. Darling gets the feature in this installment. She does some stunning geometric work with great use of color and her freeform embroidery blows my mindbox.

Of Beasts and Beauty
The work of Michael Tatom is shifting gears a bit. He makes stunning jewelry and metal sculptures inspired by nature. I found his Etsy store purely by accident when looking for...I can't even remember. I became completely distracted by everything because A) it's shiny and B) animals. Master Jeweler FTW!



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