BL:TPS Nisha Cosplay Updates

UPDATE 2/6/23: I'm actually kind of jazzed to start making videos again. They're just so much effort. And tedious. People don't realize this until they have to make a video.

Feast thine eyeballs on this time-lapse video. I rounded up an old-as-dirt tank top, shoved some cardboard inside and then painted Nisha's shirt. Boom! In real-time this took me about 2.5 hours - give or take. I used Jones Tones Stretchable Fabric Paint in magenta, black and white. I drank several cups of coffee.

Yes, I free-handed this whole thing. I started by making a few important marks with sharpie in order to position everything and then I went for it. I'm such a remarkable waste of talent.

A big thanks to Gearbox for releasing extremely handy cosplay reference guides. If only I had these for my Zer0 cosplay. I wouldn't have had to take pictures with my cell phone from my television of my actual Zer0 character. lololol

I'm unsure what else to say about this. Here are some more progress pictures:

 I might need to go back and put some more shading around the shoulders/armpits depending on how exactly the jacket ends up falling on the shirt and what happens when I move around in full ensemble.


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