Mood Blanket Challenge 2015: Day 159 And My Mood Is Hate

UPDATE 2/6/23: This is also a good post about my disdain for this project. Also cat pics are nice. Visiting my Etsy shop is nice too.

I guess hate isn't a mood, is it? I only made the required seven squares this week and I made them all yesterday because following rules is hard. I couldn't bring myself to go on after seven because there were 1 million things I would have rather been doing than making granny squares. I intended to make an entire row, you see, further propelling myself many squares ahead and closer to completion. Completing a row and attaching it is the only way I derive any joy from this joy-sucking project.

Remind me not to engage in any sort of mundane crochet blanket challenge ever again. Just let me make a yearly scrapghan in peace!

Yes, I could just stop following the rules entirely. I could cease to do these drab Mood Blanket Monday posts, but I will not! I will not do it because I need to update this blog at least once a week and this God forsaken blanket of horrors challenge ensures that I do it!

How in the world do other crocheters just sit around and make granny squares all day? I wanted to stick my hook into my eyes, ears, nose and other facial orifices to end my suffering. No offense to you people out there that enjoy this tedious as hell blanket-making. I's more like Hell-blanket making. It is simply not my cup of tea. I prefer chai or a nice chamomile and anything but granny squares.

Tea preferences aside, here are my squares and a cat. When I finished making them and joining them I couldn't be bothered to move the cat out of the frame. I also couldn't be bothered to rotate the photo. I hope the cat pictures help to moderate all of the negative energy that is likely radiating from this post. My resent for granny squares is quite high.

Also, here's a picture of the blanket from last week that I forgot to post. Ta da! All bunched up on the couch like that it almost looks like a completed blanket, but my God it still isn't wide enough to be of use to a human. When it is wide enough I will declare myself done with this challenge.

I keep trying to remind myself of the definition of "challenge." I'm pretty sure the challenge part of this was meant to be making a square a day and finishing the blanket. I have no problem finishing projects and I tend to like to work on things for prolonged amounts of time, not a tiny bit a day. I would enjoy this blanket a lot more if I weren't being governed by arbitrary rules and this foreign concept of moods. The challenge for me is totally fighting the crippling boredom that comes with making granny squares.


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