Phoenix Wright Cosplay Hat - Prototype Hat Available NOW

UPDATE 2/6/23: I no longer stock these hats. I will make them custom though and I no longer make them this way. I now make them solid blue and duplicate stitch on the lettering. 

If you're interested in a custom order, head to my Etsy page to see my commission status. It will be in the announcement at the top! 

Who buys knitwear out of season? Cosplayers do. Why didn't I think of this sooner? I whipped up a prototype of Phoenix Wright's 'Papa' beanie from Ace Attorney and I've got plans for a few other con-season hats as well. I'm working on so many things, guys.

I must confess that I'm not terribly familiar with the Ace Attorney series. Despite my love of television law dramas, I'm not sure "visual novel legal thriller" is a genre that I would enjoy in the video game realm. I like my video games to be filled with sex and violence. Boobs and explosions. Persistent gore always toggled on. You know. To each their own though. I also enjoy various talent competition shows and those are the worst. One time I created an automated program for Skype in order to cast hundreds and hundreds of American Idol votes. So there's that.


I'm pleased with the prototype hat. I chose to double-knit it and it takes a bit longer to make than other hats, even other double-knit ones. I have to actually pay attention to what I'm doing to get the divisions correct. You can buy the prototype for super sale right here.

For subsequent "finalized" versions of this hat the stitching will be more consistent and the text will be shifted over just slightly so that it starts more in the center of the division. So on and so forth. The prototype isn't bad, but I messed up a lot and kept having to back up and some of my stitches got loose. If you'd like a finalized version just send a custom order request.


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