Crochet Hook and Knitting Needle Size Conversion


I've meant to do this for a long time. Years. No, seriously. Probably the number three question I get messaged about on Etsy is about hook or needle size conversion (again, I am serious). I know there are a bazillion other conversion charts available and I have some go-to's bookmarked that I link people to, but rather than linking to someone else's chart, I've made my own to link to! Look at me go! I hope I didn't make any typos. lololol I also combined a couple charts for crochet hooks, trying to get everything.

Metric is the most accurate measurement for crochet hooks because the letter/number system can get wonky and then you've got US vs UK/Canadian, and to make matters weirder, the lace hooks come into play and then your brain explodes. Anyway, here is the regular ol' yarn crochet hook conversion chart.

Now, ignore the below conversion chart unless you actually need it and are using steel/lace hooks. I have never made lace in my life, but I do have a set of these. Fun fact: I also have some hooks that have UK numbers, so talk about confusing sometimes!

I did not forget the knitters! I actually have a lil plastic gauge calibration tool where you can size your needles as well. I came across this hedgehog one the other day, and they really come in handy if you don't have a labeled case for your needles or you mess up and don't put things back where they go all the time. Ahem. Not calling anyone out. Ahem.

I hope these help! Don't forget to pop over to my Etsy to see my current inventory and commission status! Check out my Ravelry for patterns, or my Ko-Fi, which has some extra patterns as well a monthly subscription for even more patterns! Follow me on Facebook for the latest updates and goodies!


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