Hogwarts Legacy House Scarf Emblem Charts Available Now!

All proceeds to me, no proceeds to JKR. Get the charts here

All four houses! It's a pay-what-you-want dealio! I did simplify them a bit from the game to make them work. All four houses are included - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw.

This is a PDF including 8 charts (4 right-side-up and 4 upside-down, so you can do both ends of a scarf). Each chart is 64 squares across. The PDF does NOT include a full scarf pattern and this is MOST DEFINITELY NOT A FINISHED SCARF NOR SCARVES. You will not receive anything in the mail from me if you buy this.

As of right now, these charts are untested by me, but they should work for a scarf made in the round (CO 128 and being mindful of your floats – you can work the chart on both side if you want), a double-knit scarf (you might want to consider a lighter yarn weight depending on how wide you want your scarf), or duplicate stitch on top of a solid background of appropriate size. These charts will work for c2c crochet as well if you want to use them for something that is not a scarf.

If making a scarf, you’ll start with the background color, work about an inch then there is a set of two emblem-colored stripes, followed by the chart, then two more stripes. Complete solid sections of background color the same height as the chart and more sets of stripes until the scarf is reaching your desired length. Then work the upside-down version of the chart, which I’ve also included.


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