February Pattern Roundup - Frogs!

As vaguely promised, I'm going to start doing a monthly blog post with cool makers or patterns that I've found! Each month will have some sort of loose theme and I'll feature whatever I have...you know...rounded up (yee haw), and all pertinent links! This is going to be a toward-the-end-of-the-month thing, I think. I'm trying to space out my monthly activities and figure out when to best do what.

I get a kick out of supporting other artists. All sorts of artists. I don't care. If you want to be featured, just shoot me a DM on Facebook. It may not help much, or at all, but it's good to have your links floating around for the internet robots and it's good for my blog to have lots of words posted regularly...for the robots. My blog doesn't get the traffic that it used to back in the day, but maybe that will change?!?!

Anyway, enough of that, let me get down to business. This month got a little crazy, so this isn't as extensive as I would normally want. I've wrangled (yee haw) some FROG patterns. Who doesn't love a nice frog? Right? Right?!?! Plus February Frogs is nice alliteration, and I love alliteration!

Frogs by Megan Lapp of Crafty Intentions

This crochet pattern is actually three different frogs and includes other froggy bits to further customize your frogs. I actually made the Chonky frog, which is the one pictured. It is a PAID pattern. If you are a crocheter who is somehow not familiar with Crafty Intentions then definitely check out her website, Ravelry, Facebook, and she also has a book available for pre-order that is out on March 3rd, and you bet your bottom I have ordered it. I aspire to reach her level of crochet creature-making one day.

Titty Frog by...uh...me

I reverse-engineered the meme. This crochet pattern is FREE. I commission 1-2 of these a year (holler at me if you want one). Check out my Etsy for physical items (and commission status), Ravelry for patterns, and Ko-Fi for subscriptions (also some extra patterns that are not elsewhere)!

Frog by Claire Garland of Knit Pebbles

I confess to not knitting a lot of stuffies, but Knit Pebbles' patterns are absolutely on my list (she has some cats that are chef kiss). This little knit frog pattern is adorable and a PAID pattern. There's an add-on pattern to make your frog a sweater! Definitely take a look at her Ravelry selection and Facebook if you're a knitter more than a crocheter.

Happy crafting and I look forward to more of these posts in the future that are perhaps less lately and maybe do not feature myself...lololol


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