2015 Sailor Saturn Crochet Cosplay Link Collection

Every once in a while I still get questions about this cosplay from years ago. I blogged about it pretty regularly (because back in the day, I was good at blog updates) and I always meant to gather all of the posts together to make it easier to read about it in chronological order for the folks interested in the process. But then I kept forgetting. Of course.

I'm someone who likes to read about other peoples' processes and it motivates me to do stuff and gets my creative juicy juice flowing...

Well, here it is. I've finally done it! Crochet Sailor Saturn! Every post (I hope), in order! If I find I missed any then I'll add them. They're filled with WIP pictures and are pretty detailed.

I fondly referred to this build as "Sweater Saturn." It was hundreds of hours and it was the hottest, heaviest, least breathable, most miserable costume I have ever made and I have zero regrets. I entered the costume contest at the aquarium and did not even place and then I was an Aries meme about it. I also sprained my ankle and didn't even know until I took off my boots. What a time! 

1/16/15: DragonCon 2015 Prep Begins...Now?

3/4/15: Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP...Sailor Saturn Pleated Skirt + More! 

3/11/15: Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP - Week 2-ish

3/18/15: Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP - Sailor Saturn Week 3

3/31/15: Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Silence Glaive 

4/7/15: Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Silence Glaive Blade

4/23/15: Crochet Sailor Saturn Status Update 

5/1/15: Crochet Cosplay WIP: Beginning The Sailor Saturn Bodice

5/27/15: Double Cosplay WIP Update - BL: TPS Nisha and Crochet Sailor Saturn 

6/10/15: It's WIP Wednesday! Some Quick DragonCon Cosplay Updates

6/26/15: Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Gloves and Boots 

7/20/15: The [Almost] Conclusion of Sweater Saturn

8/2/15: Sailor Saturn Crochet Boots Tutorial 

9/8/15: Crocheted Sailor Saturn DragonCon FAQ

9/9/15: DragonCon 2015: Photo Recap 

I don't know why I started out adding the asterix to stylize DragonCon like that and then I don't know why I stopped. It bugs me and I want to go back and make it consistent, but I'm going to leave it for posterity! You also get +10 points if you get the joke in the stupid comic at the top of this post.

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