It's WIP Wednesday Again!

Today is also the first day of a new month, so there are new goodies over on Ko-Fi! Glaceon, Blastoise, and Raticate charts! Follow that previous link where I ramble about it a little more. 

I also did a small shop update on Etsy featuring some of the WIP bags I posted about last week!

There will be another mid-month Ko-Fi update this month for members, and the next shop update will not be until March 1st. Also, commissions are closed until March so I can work on some TUTORIAL VIDEOS and do some housekeeping of this here blog. 

Anywho, my daisy bag did not get finished in time for the shop update so it's still a work in progress! I've made all of the squares for one side, but I haven't joined them. I'm going to use a dark brown wooden handle for this bag, and I'm not totally sure how I want to join them nor am I sure about the border, so I'm going to finish making the squares first.

You can get the daisy square pattern here. It's very easy! And free!

I'm planning on doing a bit of crafting test stream on Twitch today at about 6 EST. It will be short. I just want to make sure my setup looks good and get feedback, if anyone has any. I'm planning on doing a KNIT-ALONG stream soon, so that's exciting. I think I want to do them maybe once a week? We'll see how I feel about it. More details will be posted on Facebook as I work on this plan.

That's all I've got this week!


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