I'm doing it! My first knitting stream will not be postponed any longer! I'm going to knit an entire bigfoot hat. I'm not sure how long the stream will end up running. It depends on how distracted I get and if I screw up or not, which is why I'm starting early, at 11am EST.

Get the FREE pattern here.

Get the $1+ pay-what-you-want PDF version here.

And of course, you should probably follow me on Twitch. For the most part, I stream dating sims and do bad voice acting, but I want to start doing a weekly crafting stream on Mondays (day may change, I don't know). If it pops off then I want to start doing more crafting and less pretend dating. I'd really like to get to a point where I can do giveaways on stream!

Don't forget to also check out my current Etsy inventory, where you can also find when my next shop update is as well as if I'm accepting commissions. I'm pretty good at keeping that up-to-date. 


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