FREE and Easy Argyle Knitting Patterns!

I think argyle is super classy. Like, top-tier cool dude sophistication. Wow. I'm so serious right now. This is absolutely NOT sarcasm, I swear! It's also really easy. You can do very a 2-color argyle with fair isle or 3-color argyle with minimal effort duplicate stitch.

I made some argyle things back in the early days of my knitting and it's a good way to get a feel for carrying your floats and tension with colorwork, so I've whipped up some charts and some argyle tips and you can use these for whatever! A row of argyle on a hat is nice. Sandwich another design between argyle. Do a ton of argyle - stack it! Put it on a sweater. Live your life. It's versatile, especially since I'm giving you some variations to work with for your projects. Heck, crochet it!

I've used this small 2-color argyle on a lot of hats in the past. Just one row of it after the brim makes a nice border underneath, say, llamas or something. Small caveat: doing multiple rows of it can look a smidge jumbled, depending on the project. 

This 3-color argyle is just a more traditional variation of the above. I'm not a huge fan of carrying more than 2 colors at a time with knitting (crochet is another story), so for this you'll want to just work the solid diamonds and then duplicate stitch the white (or whatever color you want) diamond outlines. 

If you're looking for a larger pattern check out the two below. Again, I've got a 2-color for you and a 3-color. I've used the 2-color for a pillow cover.

Feel free to download these charts and also make changes! Expand on them! Make more variations! I just appreciate a link back to this pattern in anything you post or sell online! Share the joy!

Take a look at my Etsy to see my current physical inventory as well as commission status, and if you're interested in more patterns, head over to Ko-Fi, where I also offer a cool monthly subscription! Follow me on Facebook so you don't miss new things and free patterns!

Happy crafting!


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