Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan Update!

UPDATE 1/27/23: I honestly have no idea what happened to this blanket? Did I take it apart? Did I give it as a gift? Did I maybe actually sell it. I do love me some nested Vs, y'all. It do be like that.
JKR's behavior in recent years has been disheartening, but it does not take away from the impact of her silly book series. You can be a Harry Potter fan without a JKR fan. You can pirate the novels so that not a cent goes to her. Keep making Hogwarts house stuff, sell it, keep all of that money. 
And let us all revel in the irony that her books have been a source of joy for so many people she apparently despises. The very themes of her novels somehow escape her. 
That being said, I won't continue to wax poetic on the matter. 

Just a quick update - I finished the Slytherin section and I got excited. Hufflepuff is up next, but it's Friday night so I'm going to drink some bourbon and play video games. I'm also thinking about doing a "Free Pattern Friday," but not today obviously. I just realized it was Friday mere moments ago. So next Friday, pals.


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