Cybershade WIP

UPDATE 1/26/23: I'm out of control, but semi-related to all of this...I have a crochet Star Whale pattern as well as crochet Dalek beanie patterns available!

UPDATE 1/23/23: I did, indeed, finish this mask. I still have it somewhere. I think I made a later post about wearing it at DragonCon and the Doctor Who children did not even recognize it because I guess they don't want the holiday specials or whatever?

The Doctor Who fandom is sort of shitty, imo. For such a wholesome show, a lot of the fans are gorbage. No offense to the fans who are not! I am generalizing. It's just not a very cool fandom in my experience and I think that is exceptionally weird considering the source material.

You know what is a pretty great fandom? Wrestling. For the most part, wrestling fans are excellent. There is, of course, a sub-set of fans that are mysoginist fuckfaces, but again, in my experience, the bulk is wholesome. The opposite of Doctor Who.

I am just rambling to give words to the search robots. Not gonna lie.

Go check out my Etsy shop, Ravelry, Ko-Fi and meander over to my Facebook page too! I'm barrels of fun! 2023 is the year that I embrace how completely fucking unhinged I am. Also, profanity is part of my brand. I'm an elder millennial and I'm tired. As the MFM fandom says...fuck politeness. The context is a bit different though. trolololol UnHiNgEd!


I keep telling myself that I need to finish one of my major cosplay projects before starting another. This refers to my damn Lady Zer0 suit and the piece of crap Mercy Hartigan/Cyberking prototype. I do not listen to myself and proceeded to get bored with my life and start a Cybershade mask. I haven't finished it yet, of course.

At the moment it is made of cardboard and Model Magic - no joke. When it's done and completely dry I'm going to resin it and sand it then paint it. I'm thinking black nylon behind the eyes and the mouth and then repurposing a black t-shirt to make the "hair" or wtfever these things have. This is actually probably what I'll finish first then the Miss Hartigan headpiece and knowing me I'll be finishing my Zer0 suit and sword like the day before Dragon*Con because I'm an idiot.

On the subject of painting...I'm probably actually going to make both this mask as well as the headpiece silver instead of the copper color they actually are. Listen. This is because warm metal colors make me look totally washed out and we can't have that. I also don't have time to procure or make a freakin' red Victorian dress for Miss Hartigan. What I am probs going to do is take some liberties and modernize her in a green dress. I will though have the all-important black out contacts. Let's be honest, the whole reason I want to make that costume is an excuse to buy black out contacts.


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