Mark of the Eld/Sigil of the White Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 1/23/23: Ah! I have a newer, nicer, cleaner, better-er-errrr version of this that I never shared! Have it now, my dear Dark Tower fans! I made this one using Stitchboard.

I used this chart for duplicate stitch as well as some double-knitting. The reason it has the blank space around it is because I did a double-knit scarf with it originally (I have pictures somewhere but the effort is too great, and I really need to organize my pictures better). Anyway...please! Take it! Use it! Link back here and share the joy! Right-click and save it to resize it or print it. Whatever floats that boat of yours!

Boat stuff!

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This is nearly as aesthetically unappealing as my Eye of the Crimson King chart. But it gets the job done, right? This is suitable for both knit and crochet colorwork. Enjoy!

If you use this, please link back here, to the WRC tumblr or to the Etsy shop!


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