Eye of the Crimson King Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 1/23/23: Whoa nelly, this is one of the first charts that I ever made! It was before I started using Stitchboard, which I swear by to this day! I made a little Stitchboard tutorial here.

Anywho, here I am, and I have several other versions of this chart that I never shared! I also knew where I had them saved so I didn't have to rummage for them and I'm going to put them right here!

You can't sell anything made with these charts, not because of me! But my Crimson King hats with this pattern got flagged on Etsy for InFrInGeMeNt. It was from the graphic novel artist, so I'm not actually salty about it - just heads up! Personal use only! Respect artists, not million dollar companies (ahem, ahem, Disney...Fox...CBS). Ok, ok, enough of that! trololol
Here are two smaller Eye of the Crimson King charts. I think I've used them both for duplicate stitch? 

Right-click and save to resize them!

Looking for more patterns? Ravelry! Looking for other stuff? Etsy! Then there's also my Ko-Fi!

This isn't the most beautiful chart I could have made, but you guys should see the sloppy charts I actually work from. I also probs should have saved it as a .png instead of a .jpg, but whatever. Also probs should have made it bigger. Sharing charts with humans is a learning process for me. I'll make sure my next chart is more aesthetically pleasing, I promise. :D

If you take a look you will see that this is 41 stitches across and 29 stitches tall - it is super easy to knit and crochet as long as you can count (which is something I sometimes struggle with). I can't make it any smaller without losing too much detail. Feel free to play with gauges and stuff. I'd also love to see anything you Dark Tower yarncrafters make!

IMO - with crochet it looks better done in slip stitch than single crochet, but I don't sc super tight and I haven't done any experimenting with smaller than a J hook.

If you use this chart, please link back to this post, the WRC tumblr or shop

Long days and pleasant nights, pals.


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