UPDATE 1/23/23: Like, I have come a long way since I first started knitting. Look at that disaster. Yowza! YOWZA! I can't even.

I learned to knit from youtube videos, you know! And I think I'd only been knitting for a few months at this time. 

I've made a ton of changes to that turtle chart over the years too, and I swear I'm going to share the Beam Guardian charts. I just have to find them...and probably tweak them a little. 

I'm also still on the fence about doing WIP Wednesday posts again. I always have WIPs because I'm constantly working on all sorts of things! I will continue to ponder this. In the meantime, check out the current inventory of my Etsy shop


Oopsies! I missed WIP Wednesday!

Beam Guardian Scarf

This is coming along nicely. I'm bringing the sides in and the two cables are going to merge to make one fat cable. I'm going to do something or another in the middle of the scarf then carry on to the end with the bear. I actually added about 2 inches after I took this picture, but then I didn't feel like taking another picture. lolol

Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan

I think I can actually finish the Gryffindor section without needing more yarn, which is exciting. I definitely need more green, silver, blue, yellow and black (AKA all the other colors). After I finish each separate square I'm going to give them a border...probably just a few rounds of sc. Then I'm going to attach them nicely. I'm not sure if I'm going to give the whole thing a border or now. We'll see how it looks when I finish. I haven't worked on it much this past week.


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