Chevron + Llamas = NEW HAT

UPDATE 1/23/23: I should find this pattern and share it, shouldn't I? I'll put it on the list. Look for another update soon! And this is yet another horrifying example of bad pricing and how little I valued my time and effort when I first started this endeavor! I am a new woman in 2023! UNHINGED. BANANAS. WITH PRIDE IN MY WORK.

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Meet the brand new, ultra sexy DRAMA LLAMA - Pastels on Royal Blue with CHEVRONOMG. So listen, chevron is like the coolest thing since sliced bread whether you are knitting or crocheting. It is even cooler than Moroccan tile crochet (I have no idea how). If you're not making something chevron right now you're pretty much a huge, lame loserface. Chevron has been around for like 800 years, but apparently it is just now cool. It just makes me think of gas stations and then I start thinking about cars and then I just want to get a Maserati and my day is ruined.

Everyone and their mom and third cousin twice removed is doing something chevron. I was so tired of seeing chevron on tumblr and hearing all of my yarncrafting friends talk about their 27 chevron projects that I thought I was going to puke or go on a stabbing spree if I saw even one more single stupid V-shaped chevron.

Because I love to be trendy and do what everyone else is doing I decided to jump on board the chevron party wagon instead of committing murder. I thought, "Hey, I can have the llamas on chevron."

I then decided to use my amazing pastel yarn that looks like candy and put it on this nice blue. Chevrons that look like they are made of pieces of candy necklace are not so bad. It made me hungry.

This super cool hat is $20 + shipping.


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