Yeah, I Made Breaking Bad Fanart

UPDATE 2/4/23: I should paint more, I always say, every single time I look at anything I have painted. 
I do sell some art prints now. This is not among them, but I could make it so if there were interest. My art prints are a lot of wrestling, which is very unrelated to the bulk of this blog.
But anyway, go visit The Kingdom of Pinfall if you somehow found yourself on this page. 


I'm real excited for Better Call Saul. Like. REALLY excited. Like. I can't even. Saul Goodman is my hero. Well, I just finished watching the first two seasons of House of Cards, so Francis Underwood might actually be my hero, but before I watched that, my hero was totally Saul Goodman.

All of that aside, I also love Mike. Who doesn't love Mike?

So I spent a day or two painting a portrait of Mike. It's oil on an 18"x24" canvas.

Would people be interested in buying this as a print? Is that something people would buy? Fanart? I'd have to figure out how to go about getting prints made, but...for real. Any takers?


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