WIP Wednesday - Double-Knit Bigfeet and More!

UPDATE 2/5/23: I bet people would be into the reversible bigfoot hats if I made more of them. Double-knitting though. I love it and also hate it. I might whip up one or two...maaaaaybe. Check the shop!

I'm working on a lot of oddball stuff and I've finished up a lot of oddball stuff the last few days. So here goes...this isn't quite a normal WIP Wednesday post because I just finished up a bunch of stuff then started on a bunch of new stuff. Yeah. Anyway. My brains.

Reversible Bigfeet

I finished up a child-size as well as a normal adult size (yes, I'm going to update the pattern, I promise!). Here's a look at the adult-size when it was still a WIP. I'm currently working on another one that is a blue and purple ombre instead of pink, but I've done so little it's not worth me taking a picture. My ombre yarn is Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, which I would use for everything I do ever if it were economically feasible. lolol

Reversible Metallic Silver and Black - Child-size
Reversible Pink Ombre and Black - Adult-size

Companion Cube Square Hat!

I just finished this hat moments ago, but here's a look when it was still a WIP. I'll be sharing the chart on Friday! I made this for a custom order and it was a lot of fun and it's real cute.

Evil TeddyBear Podcast Hat

I found another use for all that Fun Fur I bought. I whipped up a hairy bear hat for Korey over at The Evil TeddyBear Podcast. If you scroll down you'll find a post about something called RERUNZ, which, uh, involves me...if you want to hear me babble about TV shows, be an asshole and make inappropriate jokes. Back to the hat - it's done. See it with your eyes. It has teeth.

I'm going to make a similar panda hat and then flesh out the pattern, so you can also look forward to that in the coming weeks. You can also look forward to cosplay WIP stuff as soon as all of the yarn I ordered gets here.


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