FREE Pattern Friday - Portal Companion Cube Crochet Hat

UPDATE 2/5/23: This pattern still holds up and it will also work for duplicate stitch knitting or c2c crochet! SOMEONE MAKE A COMPANION CUBE C2C BLANKET!!

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Companion Cuuuuube! The finished hat is about 10"x10" and the design is on both the front and the back. I worked this hat flat then closed the top and side seam. You can also easily work it in the round by joining your starting chain. Also feel free to only put the design on the front (this will make it stretchier). I hate to cramp your creativity, so you can totally feel free to use this chart for knitting or whatever too.

If you make one of these hats, please link back here to share the pattern and also feel free to share pictures on the Facebook!

What You Need

  • worsted weight yarn in 2 colors - Color A (I used pink) and Color B (I used gray)
  • size J crochet hook
  • 3" pom pom maker
*I worked in back loops only, but you do not have to do this. It shouldn't majorly affect the gauge.*
  • Ch 85 with color A, turn (the chart is 40 st across and this puts a 2 st border running up both sides of the hat)
  • Row 1 - sc in 2nd chain from hook, sc across, ch 1, turn
  • Row 2 - sl across
  • Row 3 - add in color B and begin working the below chart in tapestry crochet with sc (hint: you'll be starting color B in the 6th st from your hook; if you want the design on the front and back you'll repeat the chart twice with 2 st in color A between)
  • Row 4 - continue with the 2nd line of the chart, but work it in sl
  • Row 5 and onward - alternate rows of sc and sl to complete the chart
  • Finishing: do a final row of sc in color A, close seams with color A, add pom poms to top corners, wear, enjoy, carry on!
I closed the seams with basic sl, but you can also stitch them closed with a yarn needle and color A. If you want to make a different sized hat then I recommend either going up or down a few hook sizes.


  1. How can you do a tempestry sl???please

    1. I'm unsure of the best way to explain this in words, but I'll give it a shot. The trick is to do you color change in the stitch BEFORE the color actually changes and to do so, you insert your hook as usual to do sl, but then yarn over with the second color (the color you want to switch to) and pull through. This makes the final stitch in the first color, but now you can begin work with the second color in the next stitch. Carry both colors of yarn with your work just as you would with sc tapestry.

      Maybe I'll make some sort of tutorial video for this soon since there don't seem to be any online.


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