Day 12: Mood Blanket Challenge 2015

UPDATE 2/5/23: I can't believe I'm going through every single old blog post I ever wrote and updating it. I'm doing, like, a month each day. Sometimes too months if I didn't do a lot of posts. 

Anyway, this blanket now belongs to my cats and lives in an old desk chair that they also enjoy. I wash it about once a month and it fills my washing machine with blobs of cat hair and then I have to clean the lint screen 4-5 times when drying. It's madness. Cats love to lay on crochet. 

Go feast your eyes on my current inventory in my Etsy shop and pop over to Ko-Fi for patterns as well as my kick-ass monthly subscription (if you like Pokemon). 

Here we are on Day 12. Shit went down on Day 6. Today I apparently felt like a Hufflepuff. Or a bee. Or the yellow and black were on top of my other yarn because I just finished making a Hufflepuff hat.

I'm thinking that when I complete the 18 squares for the first row that I'm going to do a black border around them all. Then I'm going to do the second row, also with a black border, then join the rows as I finish them. This sounds like some sort of plan to me.

Join in the fun and make your own mood blanket this year.


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