Sun Symbol From Tangled FREE Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/5/23: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to remake this hat and just make a solid purple knit and then duplicate stitch the pattern on it. When I made this I was still pretty new at knitting and didn't know about duplicate stitch, which is one of my favorite things ever now. 100% recommend this pattern for duplicate stitch ORRRRR, my other favorite thing, c2c crochet!
I made this chart (and hat) as a custom request! Now I'm sharing the glorious chart. Fo' free! It was a very fun chart as far as charts go. Enjoy! Please link back here, to my Facebook, or to my Etsy shop to give me a kindly shout out if you use this. XOXOX

Oh. Heads up: This was difficult to make very stretchy with stranded knitting. I ended up just making a slightly larger, smushy sort of hat. And the chart should also be suitable for crochet too.


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