Crochet Clearance!

UPDATE 2/5/23: For some reason I made my shamefully cheap prices even lower...

The shop is overcrowded. I want to get rid of items I'm not planning on keeping stocked anymore in order to feel justified when I make some new stuff.

New stuff? Yes. New Stuff. New stuff is coming. One day.

Before that though, I want to get rid of some goodies. The crochet goodies are for sale right now until the end of this month. Everything crochet is $5 off!

Go now! To the Etsy store! Everything for sale is marked SALE and I've done the math for you.

This sale includes what's left of my Lantern Corps beanies as well as the Dalek beanies, plus some other items that have been hanging out in the shop for a while now too. I'll also make custom crochet orders for $5 cheaper this month, so there's that.


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