Mood Blanket Challenge: Day 61?

UPDATE 2/5/23: Going back and reading all of these posts is sort of hilarious. I can feel my spite for this project resonating through the screen. Again, this blanket now belongs to my cats if for some reason you were wondering and somehow found this ancient blog post.

And hey, if you're here, why don't you go look at my shop

This past week consisted of a lot of bland colors. Again. This encapsulates my default mood: apathy. The three-colored square on day whatever-that-was-math is symbolic of my different layers of apathy. Perhaps this week I'll be compelled to make some more brightly colored squares or, at the very least, work on something that isn't a bland color. You never know. I'm full of surprises. The surprises are sandwiched between my layers of apathy.


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