Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP - Sailor Saturn Week 3

UPDATE 2/5/23: If you stumbled on this post and you're wondering - I do still have this entire costume. EXCEPT the Silence Glaive. I made a ton of posts about it as I worked on it and it would be nice of me to gather all of the links together, I guess. I will add it to my to-do list for this blog revamping project I'm doing. 

This past week I finished up the boob bow, covered the shaft of the Silence Glaive, tweaked the butt bow and did a great deal of intense, deep thinking about the bodice. When I say this, it sounds like I did a lot, but I unfortunately have surprisingly little to say about any of these parts. I'm especially lacking in clever commentary for this week's progress.

In the upcoming days though I'm planning on shooting some time-lapse video of the top of the glaive. This will either be super cool or really boring. After that I might take a little break to work on my Nisha costume, which is not crochet.

Boob Bow

This bow is a little smaller than the butt bow. I stuffed the heart with a bit of polyfil. I made the butt bow in a bunch of separate pieces, but I chose to do the bulk of this bow as a single, long piece. Then I made the two dangly pieces and the heart. I posted a number of progress pics of this bow last week. Here's some more:

Butt Bow Tweakin'

After I stuffed the heart of the boob bow I went back and put some polyfil into the fake knot of the butt bow to give it a little more dimension. I think it was an improvement. Eventually I'll get around to attaching this bow to the skirt.

Silence Glaive

I crocheted one 40" long rectangle for the shaft of the glaive. I then used an invisible seam to stitch it to the framework I made. This was super tedious. I watched all of Revolutionary Girl Utena, several episodes of The Shield and also listened to a few hours of music as I did this mindless work. It's way more fun to do parts with less predictable color changes and parts that are odd shapes.

I'll definitely be doing at least one side of the top and I may also start on the bottom. I'm pretty excited to shape the different sections of the bottom. The duct tape form I made is pretty lumpy and I'll be smoothing out the parts with polyfil. Polyfil is my BFF.

See some of my other posts on this project here.


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