Crochet Cosplay WIP: Sailor Saturn Silence Glaive

UPDATE 2/5/23: I don't have any major commentary to add to this, years later, but I am planning to get my YouTube going properly with WIP and tutorial videos this year!

This is a small update so don't get too excited! I'm planning on another update later this week that is much more meatier 'n stuff. I took a break of sorts last week to finish up those Furry Beast hats. I've gotten started on the collar and I completed the first side of the top of the Silence Glaive. The collar isn't interesting yet, but the top of the glaive is pleasing.

I shot some time-lapse footage as I worked on the glaive, which was highly experimental. I'm only like a lvl 1 videographer or whatever. I'm pretty pleased with the video with the exception of the idiotic angle I was filming from (and why am I wearing those ridiculous pants?). There was some logic behind it, I swear. Next time I'm going to raise it higher and come from over my right shoulder so you can actually see what I'm doing better. The first minute of the video was shot with a frame every 10 seconds and the remaining time of the video I shortened it to a frame every 7 seconds. Playback is at 10 FPS. Real-time it ran me about 5 hours.

If anyone's wondering about other technical details:
  • I used a size F crochet hook with Caron Simply Soft in white, gray heather and charcoal heather.
  • I shot the video using an iPad Mini iOS 8.2 and the OSnap! app (which is a decent and FREE app) then I did some quick, minor edits in iMovie
  • The music is Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" which is in the public domain because omgcopyright infringement Innernutspolice get off my nuts!1!11
  • That blue thing on my finger is a bandaid, not some sort of crochet aid device. I have a gross, bleeding wound.
I may or may not film the other side of the top of the glaive. I definitely plan on filming at least one of the sleeves. Maybe the crochet underpants? Boots and tiara are still in the air.


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