Dragon*Con 2015: Crochet Cosplay WIP - Week 2-ish

UPDATE 2/5/23: This was my magnum opus of cosplay. I think I peaked here. After this my entire life was downhill. Entire. Life.

I didn't make any huge strides in progress this week. I did finish up the skirt and got the main part of the boob bow out of the way.

The Boob Bow

The boob bow is a little smaller than the butt bow and it's going to have a purple heart as the middle. Here are some pictures I took of the boob bow as I worked on it, so you can see better what I did to make it (nevermind that some of these pictures look like some sort of ad for Chapstick!). I'm not using a pattern aside from jotting down the number of stitches and number of rows I used, etc. My scribbled notes are just to get things symmetrical. The colorwork has all been pretty much freeform and sizing has been trial and error.

I work from messy sketches. Here are some sketches of the coloration on the boob bow and also the Silence Glaive.

The Great Silence Glaive Do-Over

Speaking of the Silence Glaive and trial and error...I made a grievous error when working on the panel for the shaft of the glaive. By grievous error I mean that I apparently didn't bother to actually check to make sure the panel would fit around the shaft. My stubborn determination to eyeball everything usually works out fine, but not in this time, pals! Shortly after I took this first picture I decided to wrap the panel around the glaive - lo and behold, it didn't fit. I ripped the whole thing apart and started over, measuring it the second time. I've only gotten a few inches since the Great Do-Over, but that's ok. I also decided that the shaft needed a more significant portion of the darkest gray because the shaft and bottom tend to look darker than the top, which will be mostly white and the light gray.


I'm a little intimidated by the bodice because I'm pretty sure I can't just eyeball myself and make it the correct size. I'm going to have to get out my measuring tape, I guess. I'm going to be using a straight-forward crochet vest and I'll be doing the same sort of colorwork that I've done on everything else. I'll also be modifying the front to be a V-shape and including the big piping or whatever it is around the hem of everyone's sailor suits. I'll then be attaching the protruding wing-looking sleeves that Saturn has.


After some serious thought, I've decided to take some liberties with the gloves. Nothing insane, but I'll just be making them fingerless mitts instead of gloves. They should be pretty basic and I might get them out of the way before I start the bodice. I really hate not having use of my hands and every cosplay I've ever done has involved gloves, except the Sarah Palin I did back in the day.

Check out my other progress posts for this project here.


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