Hylian Royal Crest FREE Colorwork Chart

UPDATE 2/16/23: I whipped up a c2c version of the Hylian crest for all y'all people! Since Tears of the Kingdom is coming out eventually. The original chart with the rectangular grid lines is more appropriate for your tapestry crochet and fair isle knitting, and it would be good for duplicate stitch. This new chart is squares so c2c! And cross stitch should also work fine.
Feel free to edit the charts as you see fit and use them for whatever you want, but don't forget to link back here and provide credit if you post online or sell your stuff! And if you'd like to shoot me a tip on Ko-Fi or check out my Ko-Fi in general, that would be cool. There are memberships! I'm very bad at promoting myself! But I need to make money if you want free stuff from me. Such is life...
I've only crocheted with this chart, but it should work for knitting. Make a scarf or something. Whateva!

Happy yarncrafting, pals! Use this for whatever you want, but shoot me some cred since I charted it, ya know? Link back here to share the chart with more kind souls or link to my Facebook, Etsy or website. Link. Get it? Link...from Zelda? Amirite? A free pun to go with this chart! Errr...


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