FINISHED - Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan

UPDATE 1/27/23: I've mused a great deal about this blanket on some other posts. I did a lot of posts about it as I was working on it. I am a big fan of the nested V stitch AKA the Moroccan tile stitch. I'm not sure the origins of the name "Moroccan tile" and it makes me sort of cringe to call it that. I don't know why! I have no basis for this! NESTED V STITCHES.
I won't wax poetic here about JRK nor the Harry Potter series. I touched on it all in another post. It's neither here nor there.
Moogly has a great NESTED V STITCH tutorial here
If you want Harry Potter stuff from me, absolutely, I will still make said stuff for you. All proceeds go to me, a gay, not to JKR. Speaking of which, my Etsy shop

Whew! Finally finished this. I'd been working on it on and off for what feels like forever. I would work on it whenever I needed a break from knitting. I'm super happy with it. It's really cozy (the cats also loved it so I'm going to have to lint roll it a million times). Moroccan tile is still one of my most favorite crochet stitches, but I'm pretty burnt out from doing it for such a large project. It came out being 38" x 38" which makes it a pretty snazzy lapghan. I have some plans for another Moroccan tile project that I'll get started on soon-ish.

Hogwarts Moroccan Tile Afghan - $50 + $10 shipping

For the best Moroccan tile tutorial out there visit MooglyBlog.


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