New Hats! New Hats! Hats!!11!one!!

UPDATE 1/27/23: Ok, listen. I'm going to make the Drama Llama hat pattern available. I have another llama pattern, but for whatever original pattern was more popular? Who knows? I don't know. I have no idea what people want.

Different llama pattern for FREE.

Anyone want that basic argyle pattern? It would be relatively effortless for me to chart it. I'll put it on THE LIST.

Neither of the hats in this post are available anymore. Obviously. It's been years. For my current inventory, head to my Etsy shop! I have patterns there, but I'm not going to lie to you, get my patterns from Ravelry instead (they're cheaper there because Ravelry's fees are not an apeshit load of trash - I have to charge more on Etsy to offset the fucking fees).

I also now have a pretty rockin' Ko-Fi page, which I'll be growing in the coming months!

DRAMA LLAMA Chevron - Purple Fizz on Black

$20 USD + shipping

I gotta confess, pals - this is my favorite llama hat so far. I'm also going to put the pastel multi-colored yarn on a black background, which I'm sure will also look snazzy.

Slytherin Argyle

$20 USD + shipping

If you compare the Slytherin argyle hat to the Gryffindor one, you will notice that they are different. I wanted to see which way looked better (the argyle with the smaller striped background or the larger one). I like them both. I suppose they are Style 1 and Style 2. I'm working on a Ravenclaw one, which will use the Style 1 like Gryffindor.


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