WIP Wednesday - Hats, Beam Scarf and More!

Update 1/23/23: Long posts are good wtf was old me talking about? lol

Blogs are for the search robots, not for actual people to read! I mean, you totally can read them. I try to still make them readable for human beings and such. I know a lot more about SEO now than I did back in the day.

If you found your way here for llamas, check this out: Jerry Horne's Llama Mitts

I reverse-engineered Jerry's mitts and also included the llama chart. I made some hats with it. It's free!

Also, while you're here, you should take a look around my Etsy! If you want free stuff then I have to sell stuff, such is life. You can also see if my commissions are open. For patterns, head to Ravelry!

I'm now offering a cool monthly subscription service on Ko-Fi too!


Beware: Long Post Because I Don't Feel Like Making Multiple Posts. I'm working on a lot of things right now, including some personal projects and I'm about to start a pretty big commission as well.

New Hats

I'm working on another DRAMA LLAMA chevron hat. This one is going to be some "purple fizz" color on a black background. Fancy. I'm also making a Slytherin argyle hat. I'm working to refine the argyle pattern as I go and I'll post it on a FREE PATTERN FRIDAY. Exciting, huh?

Beam Scarf

It's coming. I needed a break from the very repetitive cabling. I'm also still tweaking the Tower for the center. I may end up nixing the rose idea because it's losing more detail than I like. I might just create a cool spiral. If I do that it will be the lighter brown on the darker brown instead of dark on light like the Guardians. I'll hopefully get this all finalized sometime this weekend.

Hogwarts Moroccan Tile

Technically done, but here is a picture right before I did the final border. It'll get its own post tomorrow.

Katniss Cowl Commission

So is everyone familiar with the cowl that Katniss wears in Catching Fire? Yes. Ok. A friend of mine is whipping up a Katniss costume for Dragon*Con this year and she was going to make the cowl herself but then realized it was a bad idea. I found a lot of different (and free) patterns. My favorite three are here, here and here. I'm going to be sort of combining all of them and I plan to completely crochet it (mainly to save time). I want it to have all of the big rope-y chunks. Yeah, I have two months before Dragon*Con, but I haven't finished my own stuff AND I might have a second commission (an Umbreon hat that incorporates EL wire omg). I'll keep you all up to date on this cowl because it's sure to be an exciting process.

Personal Projects

Lady Zer0: My huge WIP Lady Zer0 suit isn't worth posting a picture of yet. I'm being really critical of it. I don't have the time or money to make the default helmet so I'm going with the Nihilism head and hoping that this stretchy spandex paint I got will do the trick for it. I also got all the supplies for the sword except my EL wire which I ordered and it should be here one day. I've finished sewing on all the parts of the suit, but I need to tweak the high collar/lapel thing that goes with the Nihilism head. After that I start painting and dyeing. My God. One day.

Miss Hartigan: This is going great and I decided to take some liberties with it since I was taking a number of liberties with the entire costume anyway. The air dry clay coated in polyurethane works surprisingly well and it does fit nicely on my head. Bad news bears though - I'm not taking this to Dragon*Con because when the hell did full eye contacts start costing $200? When I first started planning this costume like 3 years ago I swear they were only around $80. I'm not going to pay $200 to possibly go blind and I'm straight up not doing this without the eyes. I am going to finish the headpiece though. Next year maybe? This will also give me time to make that God forsaken Victorian dress as well as grow my hair back. lol

Cybershade Mask: Almost done with this beast (the hard parts at least). Working on it today. It is definitely coming to Dragon*Con with me and will probably serve as my daytime costume. It'll get its own post next week probably. I need another layer or five of polyurethane on the pipes then once it cures I'm going to sand the edges where I joined the parts. After that it gets rivets and a paint job. Using black panty hose for the eyes and mouth. Repurposing old black t-shirts for the rest of the head.

Rhino, out.


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