WIP Wednesday - Beam Scarf and Some Hats

UPDATE 1/27/23: I love staghorn cabling. That first Beam Guardian scarf was like 60 hours of work. My charts weren't that great either, but it was still a lot. I was also working on so many things at one time! Which is, like, the same as today.

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Beam Guardian Scarf

It now measures about 35" long and I'm halfway done with the Tower in the middle. I changed my mind about a couple things since my last major post about it. After I finished the cabling up the turtle side I went straight into work on the Tower. For the Tower I went with a more abstract swirling flower shape. After I finish that I will be starting down at the bear end of the beam and I'll do Shardik, following by a bunch of cabling and attach the pieces. The back is still going to be a solid piece and I'm going to slip stitch the two sides together and finish with tassels. Whew!

New Hats

I've been working on two hats. One is an Argyle Slytherin hat like the Argyle Gryffindor hat I made. The other is a new Chevron DRAMA LLAMA (which I mentioned last week). I just need to do the crowns of both of them - hopefully happening today at some point! Oh, and both are going to have pom-poms. I hate making pom-poms, but who doesn't love a pom-pom hat, you know?

Expect another update soon about my other 800 projects!


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