Cybershade Mask - FINISHED

UPDATE 1/26/23: Looking at this, I'm really happy with it. My skills have improved a bit since and I'd make a much nicer one today if I remade it, but it wasn't a bad job at all! I had no idea what I was doing!

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I wrapped my cybershade mask up earlier this week. I'd almost like to make a full suit, but let's be real - that shit would take forever. Here's a look at the last few steps as well as the finished mask.

If you've been paying attention you know that I made this largely out of cardboard. I used model magic in the joints as well as for the pipes that extend from the head. I made the rivets out of air-dry clay. It was all held together by a lot of layers of polyurethane resin. Finally, I painted the thing with some metallic gold paint.

After the paint dried I went back in with a wash. I used devlan mud by Citadel Paints. It worked great to bring out the details and give the whole thing a more worn look.

I used black panty hose to make the eyes and mouth. I cut appropriately sized pieces and glued them to the inside then went over the edges with more resin. I can still see through the eyes (not great, but I do have visibility and no one will need to hold my hand when I wear this thing).

The final step was making the "hair" or whatever it is that covers these robot monsters. I have an extensive scrap t-shirt collection, so I went through and pulled out all of the black shirts. I cut a bunch of strips and then I cut strips into the strips. Hours later after slow and tedious sewing I realized I should have sewn the initial strips together before cutting the smaller strips. Afterthought is a bitch. 

Done! More or less. I need to put some padding inside for my face. I also noticed that the lighting in my pictures totally makes the black look navy, but it's black...I hope. The hair is also even. I tossed it down all willy-nilly for this final photo after hours spent finishing it when I thought it would be a "real quick" task. Oops.

The mask will be unveiled on my bodily person at Dragon*Con. I have no idea what I'm wearing with it. Cat shirt? Dress? Bikini? Zer0 suit?


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