Katniss Cowl-Thing: Phase 1.1

UPDATE 1/27/23: If you're here I suspect you might be looking for the finished pattern for this thing, which is right here!

It's a super gloomy day here and I don't have any real work to do so I'm hoping to put a good dent in this way cool commission project - The Thing Katniss Is Wearing At The Beginning Of Catching Fire. Click here to read about Phase 1.0 - The Neck Part.

I worked on the right shoulder over the weekend and it's looking snazzy. The back is also really coming together already. I think I'm going to continue to work on the right arm section and the armhole today (hopefully with another update tomorrow). I am taking some liberties because I don't want it to be as thick as the original, but I do want it to still have that chunky look.


  • big needle AKA tapestry needle
  • size 11 knitting needles
  • the same super bulky yarn from Phase 1.0
  • some worsted weight yarn of an appropriate color
The worsted weight yarn was used to stitch the shoulder section to the neck. I had some amid my scrap yarn that was the exact color of the Lion Brand yarn I'm using for the body of the project. Just use from normal weight gray yarn.

Making the Shoulder Part

I decided that two bulk cable stitches going in opposite directions next to each other would be excellent for this section. They're separated by one stitch to give them dimension. I tried it without that one stitch and it was a like a braided blob. I was hoping each cable would be a little bit closer to the same size as the rope parts of the neck, but it's all good. I pleases me. Do this to make this happen:

CO 15
p1, k6, p1, k6, p1
p1, k6f, p1, k6b, p1
repeat until it's like 24" long

Cast off then thread your worsted weight yarn through your big needle and stitch that thing in place. Awww yeah!

I'm home all alone so I was forced to take some crap quality headless selfies to try to show the thing from the front. My arms are short and everything is hard for me, but I do have this awesome cat shirt. I would have put it on my mannequin, but it is currently occupied by my Zer0 suit (that I need to work on this week too omg). For the next part I'm thinking that arrow cables will do the trick!


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