New Hats!

UPDATE 1/27/23: I will be making the Drama Llama hat pattern available! If you're interested in this, you should probably follow me on Facebook, which is where I do my regular updates! The pattern will be put on my Ko-Fi page, so you should follow me there too!

I formatted this post terribly. We don't talk about it and I'm going to leave it because lol 

In the midst of working on a number of personal projects for Dragon*Con and the Katniss cosplay commission, I've managed to church out two new knit hats as well as two new crochet ones. The first knit hat is an argyle hat using the same pattern as my Hogwarts argyle hats and the other is a new DRAMA LLAMA design. There are now THREE awesome DRAMA LLAMA designs - the All Drama DRAMA LLAMA (only exclamation points), the Chevron DRAMA LLAMA (with the chevron stripe obviously) and the new Argyle DRAMA LLAMA. The argyle is really basic and actually resembles a traditional fair isle pattern (rather than just referring to all colorwork as fair isle). Lots of parentheticals up in hurr today.

DRAMA LLAMA All Drama - a smaller almost scullcap style as well as a pom pom version.

Here is a DRAMA LLAMA Chevron without a pom pom!

Purple and Black Argyle Pom Pom Hat

$20 + shipping

DRAMA LLAMA - Pastels on Black with Argyle

$20 + shipping

All of these patterns can be made with or without a pom pom and I can also make them smaller as well as larger! Just ask. I'm pretty nice usually. I also made these two new comic-inspired hats. They were to test out two new designs for some large-sized custom orders.

The first is a Northstar (Alpha Flight and X-Men) slouchy beanie and the second is the Star Sapphire insignia.


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