Katniss Cowl-Thing: Phase 2.0

UPDATE 1/27/23: The more I look over all of these posts I did about this thing, the more I become painfully aware of how little I charged for my work back then. Reverse-engineering this was NOT A JOKE. It took forever. There was so much trial and error. I just...wow.

COMPLETED Katniss-Cowl Thing Pattern 

Phase 2 of this project involved attaching a whole lot of smaller pieces together! I used mostly very simple ribbing and a bit of cabling. I hopefully took pictures where you can see each part and how I attached them. Maybe. Probably not. I'm pretty incompetent.

For the cabled section on the front, right-side chest area:
  • CO 20
  • k20 (but what I actually did was p1, k4, p1, k4, p1, k4, p1, k4 - this was silly of me because I ended up stitching it in such a way that it didn't matter, so just knit across all of it instead)
  • p20
  • *k1, k4f, k1, k4b, k1, k4f, k1, k4b
  • p20
Rrepeat from * until approximately 5” then stitch it accordingly, leaving space for the right arm-hole, shoulder part thing

For the first strip that wraps around the previous part then attaches to the back to form the hole
  • CO 5
  • *k2, p1, k2
  • p2, k1, p2
Repeat from * until 15” and stitch this piece down the front piece and cover the bottom inside corner then stitch to bottom edge, attach to back piece about 1” from bottom end

This second strip is stitched along the previous strip:
  • CO 5
  • * k2, p1, k2
  • p2, k1, p2
Repeat from * until 17” then stitch along previous strip with purl side facing out for a nice texture change

After working on the right side for a while I decided to do some work on the left. This strip is for the back and goes from the center in the back to the top of the left shoulder.
  • CO 9
  • * k2, p1, k2, p2, k2
  • p2, k2, p2, k1, p2
Repeat from * until 11” and attach

Then I went back to the right side where there is a small strip that goes from the neck area down and stop under the right arm.
  • CO 5
  • k2 p1 k2
  • * p2 k1 p2
Repeat from * until 14” and stitch on

Following the previous strip is one that goes from the neck area in the front, under the arm and around other underarm pieces to the back:
  • CO 8
  • * k3, p2, k3
  • p3, k2, p3
Repeat from * until 22"

See the previous posts about this piece here, here and here. The next update about this will hopefully be the final pieces and finishing it up with crochet edging. If you happen to be wondering about the change in normal crafting scenery in this pics it was because I was at my grandmother's abode. I also have no idea why the font in this post decided to be different. Life is hard.


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