The Infamous Zer0 Suit + Other Stuff

UPDATE 1/27/23: I still have my Zer0 suit! Of course! WHY WOULDN'T I. I did scrap the Cyberking helmet though. I've played with the idea of making it from foam clay, but I don't have the time at the moment.

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I guess I should have posted this yesterday on WIP WEDNESDAY. But I didn't.

Zer0 Suit

I've painted up to the knee of the left leg! I'm using Jones Tones Stretchable Paint diluted to various levels. It's working fan-fucking-tastic. No joke. It is performing wonderfully on the spandex parts of the suit and it's also working just fine on the felt and the fosshape. Fosshape is also amazing. I stitched the armor pieces on and then hardened and formed them.

My one fosshape pointer? It shrinks when you harden it. I'm sure it says that somewhere.

I'm hoping to continue up the left leg this weekend AND start the sword. I have all of the supplies include my EL wire, which I am super excited to use. I'm just super excited about this project in general even though BL2 was soooo last year. :P

 Miss Hartigan/Cyberking

Yeah, I'm still finishing this even though I nixed the costume (read why here). I took some liberties with the design for stability and there are a ton of imperfections, but it's been fun. I need to finish the detailed bits in the top front part and fix a few things here and there. It's a fine prototype. I don't know what I'm going to do with it exactly. I'd really like to make a mold and cast it so on and so forth, but I'll probably lose interest in it before I get around to any such undertakings.

I needed a break so I crocheted myself an N7 patch for my decade-old Jansport bookbag. omg I remember when I had to have this gray, boring bag because all the cool kids had them. Is Jansport still a thing? Now it's an N7 bag so whatever. And yes, that is a PBR button because I keep it classy. Did I already mention this in another post? I think I'm losing my mind from working with polyurethane.

COMING SOON...Katniss cowl commission update, that Cybershade mask and some other stuff.


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